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Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Directional Drilling

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Product Description

Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Directional Drilling is a high performance system specifically designed for girth weld corrosion protection on pipes used in directional drilling application. The system consist of three component:
First, liquid epoxy primer, provide the protection for the system.
Second, a primary heat shrinkable sleeve, with a cross-linked polyethylene backing and a protective heat sensitive adhesive.
Third, a sacrificial sleeve, which have the same construction as the main sleeve. Sacrificial sleeve as an extra protection against pull-through forces occurs during directional drilling.

Features and Benefits

1.Superior Shear&Abrasion Resistance

The backing of Primary Heat Shrinkable Sleeve and Sacrificial Sleeve is tough and flexible, provides highly resistance to shear and peel forces induced by soil and thermal movements.

2.Long Term Corrosion Protection

The sacrificial sleeve protects leading edge of sleeve against pull-through forces, offering additional strength and security.

The Heat Shrinkable Sleeve for Directional Drilling have superior resistance to cathodic disbondment and water immersion. And Provides a monolithic coating protection.

3.Easy and Efficient Installation

Pre -attached closure patch, low preheat temperature requirements allows fast and easy installation,save time and money.

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