Shandong Quanmin Plastic, Leaders in Corrosion Prevention Technology.



    Technical Support
    1. 10 years of pipeline coating experience
    2. Global presence in oil, gas and water industries
    3. Total manufacture of Polyethylene, Polypropylene coating systems
    4. Innovative coatings, high temperature systems and niche coating with first quality products...


    Green Facility
    Corrosion Protection & Pipe Coatings from Shandong Quanmin Plastic China Factory
    Shandong Quanmin Plastic has more than 20 years of manufacture performance...

  • After-sales service
    1. Technical support Instruction Manual for the application of Cold Applied Tapes Instruction Manual for the application of Heat Shrinkable Sleeves How to select a heat-shrinkable product
    2. Just-in-Time delivery on a global basis
    3. Achieving and exceeding Client...

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Company Profile
Quanmin Plastic Co.,Ltd. is the leading company that manufactures the anti-corrosion materials for gas, oil & water pipelines.

We specialize in producing & exporting PE anticorrosive adhesive tapes and heat shrinkable sleeve for oil, gas pipes and coating tapes for water pipeline.
In 2001, as the first producer of Polyethylene anti-corrosion tapes in China mainland, we established a 5000 square meters factory in Shengli Oilfield, with the capacity of producing 3600 ton per year.