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Viscous Elastic Material

Quanmin Viscous-elastic Coat Wrap is a non shielding coating in a wrap form that can be applied without primers, forming a homologue layer after application. Viscous-elastic Coat Wrap has been extensively tested by many different laboratories and oil companies for its applications.

Viscous-elastic Coat Wrap is available in a standard temperature and high temperature version. Unlike other products, Viscous-elastic Coat Wrap does not show sliding, dripping or thickness changes since it is a solid with a true melting point (around 150 C).


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Viscous-elastic COAT WRAP

Excellent immediate and permanent adhesion to steel and other surfaces like PE, PP, FBE
Impervious to water and oxygen
30 years guarantee on corrosion prevention
Operational temperature range -45°C up to 70°C
Rehabilitation and new-built pipelines
Underground and above-ground application
Conforms to any shape, fills up cavities, holes or cracks


Viscous-elastic COAT WRAP is used for corrosion prevention following Oil and Gas market:
Gas transport pipelines
Gas distribution pipelines
Oil pipelines
PE--fabric coating repair
Compressor stations
Petrol stations
Flanges & Valves
Insulation Pipelines
Pipeline Protect
Casings & Offshore J
LNG plants

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