Shandong Quanmin Plastic, Leaders in Corrosion Prevention Technology.

 About us 

Address: North of Shengli Oil Extraction Plant Tuosi Joint Station, Dongying City

1. 10 years of pipeline coating experience
2. Global presence in oil, gas and water industries
3. Total manufacture of Polyethylene, Polypropylene coating systems
4. Innovative coatings, high temperature systems and niche coating with first quality products
5. Multiple coating systems to meet end-user applications and requirements
6. Broad range of products to meet pipeline requirements
7. Tailor made products to specific application on demand by the end-user
8. High Quality products through innovative technology ,manufacturing methodologies and first quality raw materials
9. ISO approved manufacturing protocol
10. Maiqiang products and coating systems approved to ASTM, DIN, EN-DIN ,AWWAC creditable standards
11. Standard manufacturing methodologies
12. State of the art quality control assurance procedures and protocol
13. Technology R&D programs for new products and new processes
14. Adaptable to manufacturing specific request within short time frames
15. Proven long-term performance and corrosion protection on operating pipelines
16. Coating applied in plant and over-the-ditch
17. Easy of application, consistent application and lower cost
18. Compatible with traditional and current corrosion coatings

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