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Hand Operated Pipe Wrapping Machines Pipeline tapes Wrapster

Our Pipeline Tapes Wrapster are constructed from Aluminium, weighing approximately 5 kgs, providing a rigid, light weight, and durable hand wrapping machine for the tough conditions along the pipeline right of way.

These machines ensure correct tension and overlap of tape during application.

The tape spool and interleaving removal head is a separate unit and two of these units can be fitted to the frame at any time;

The machines are robustly built to enable rolls of tape up to 180m long and 230mm wide to be used.;

Available sizes to accommodate pipe diameters 89-1600mm


1. Fit wheels to corresponding holes on each side frame to suit the pipe diameter you are going to wrap.

2. Fit roll of tape into machine making sure the end of the tape leads from the top of the roll to the left hand side. Replace side plate, spring and screwed knob.

3. Adjust the offset of the two side frames to achieve the specified overlap, this is done by loosening the 8mm & 12mm nuts on the back side of the machine and raising or lowering the leading end of the side frame, lock up both nuts. This adjustment may need to be done a couple of times to get the correct overlap.

4. The removable side frame has three positions for the centre hub. This adjustment allows the tape to pull square of the roll. A simple visual check is to look at the tape as it runs of the roll. The tape should be central and as close as possible to parallel between the frames.

5. Check the overlap adjustment again once you are satisfied with setting. Lock up adjustments. They should not need to be touched again until you change tape width or pipe size.

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