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Viscous Elastic Material

Viscous-elastic Anticorrosion Tape

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Viscous-elastic Tape is an unique cold-applied, cold flow, self-healing for the protection of under- and aboveground substrates against corrosion. Viscous-elastic Tape always remaining plasticity and flexible characteristics after applied. It is good corrosion preventing to steel and factory applied pipeline coating like PE, PP, FBE PVC substrates. Applied without Primer and Heating, due to its liquid nature flows into all irregularities of the substrate.

Viscous-elastic Tape are Non crystalline a-polar viscous elastic solid polyolefin coating in roll form. Material not in fluid phase. Two layer system with corrosion protective inner wrap and mechanical protective outer wrap.

Standard: CDP-S-OGP-AC-017-2013
Testing standard: ISO21809-3
Color: Green
Thickness: 1.80~2.00mm
Fluid phase: 85℃/48h no dripping of compound
Insulation resistance: 2.0x1012 Ω · m

Peel strength:
Test on PE @23℃ 5.5N/cm
Test on PE @-45℃ 60N/cm
Test on FBE @23℃ 5.5N/cm
Test on FBE @-45℃ 60N/cm
Test on Steel @23℃ 5.5N/cm
Test on Steel @-45℃ 60N/cm

Coverage rate: ≥98.5%
Lay shear strength: @ 23℃ 0.03Mpa
Resistance Chemical immersion: 10% NaOH, without peel
Water absorption: 0.025%
Temperature ranges: -30℃~+130℃
Operating Temperature: +85℃

Order information:
Roll width: 50~300mm
Roll Length: 10~20m
Paper core Dia: 38mm, 76mm, Paper core or Plastic core
Packing: Carton



1. For protection against external corrosion of steel pipeline, Joint, repair.
2. For protection the Flange, Valve, Pump, irregular shaped objects.


Application instruction:
The substrate surface should be dry, clean and St2/3 standard. (Contact skin cleaning by water)
2. Requires and additional flexible mechanical protective layer Outerwrap tape. The thickness ≥0.80mm PE Tape or thickness ≥1.10mm PP weaved tape.
3. Don’t application in Rain, Snow, Fog and the air humidity>85%.


1. Away from Fire, direct Sunlight or Rain.
2. Storage place @-5℃~ +45℃ temperature and the relative humidity<75%.
3. Unlimited shelf life.

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